Transworld Haunted House Owners/Operators:

Finally The Darkness will offer its first tour since 2019.

The Darkness is recognized as one the single best haunted houses in the entire WORLD, with 30,000 SCREAM FEET of Sheer TERROR!

St Louis Escape is also one of the best escape room facilities in the WORLD with multiple different escapes, retro mini golf and pinball arcade.

The Darkness was renovated for Transworld 2020 however due to covid the show was cancelled. In 2021 we decided against a tour. In 2022 we’re offering a VERY LIMITED tour of The Darkness. The Darkness has been renovated for this tour with multiple new scenes, screams, props and more. The tour is limited and tickets will sell out fast. Due to overwhelming demand we’ve decided we would open our attraction to the industry.


Friday, March 18th 5:30 to 8:30 pm:

Cost: $185.00 per person.

Limited to the first 250 tickets sold.

Description of tour:
Doors will open at 5:30pm and seminar will begin approx. at 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Larry Kirchner will offer a one hour Q/A seminar topics include growing revenue, scares, detail, marketing, dealing with labor shortage and more. Promptly at 7:00 pm guests will be allowed into The Darkness haunted house. The Darkness will be operating under show light conditions without fog. Guests are allowed to take pictures and video. Guests will exit into our new Horror Arcade and Gift Store. Our entire gift shop staff will be on hand to HELP YOU answering questions how you can create your own Horror Retail store.

Every attendee will also be given a free copy of the new Hauntworld Magazine. This tour is brought to you by

Tickets are limited to the first 250 guests.

NOTE: Based on sales for the Friday night behind the scenes tour, organizers may add a second wave tour starting at 8:30 with NO seminar, limited to another 100 guests. $175.00 Check back for availability.

The Darkness is located at 1525 South 8th Street – St. Louis, Missouri – 63104


Saturday, March 19th 6:00 to 8:00 pm:

Currently no tour is being offered. Check back again.

The Darkness is located at 1525 South 8th Street – St. Louis, Missouri – 63104


The Darkness is recognized as one of the World’s Best Haunted Attractions. The Darkness features over 300 animations, CGI FX, and hundreds more monsters, zombies, and props. The Darkness is one of the most detailed haunted houses in the entire world - spanning over 30,000 scream feet. The Darkness features THREE main attractions including two floors of The Darkness, Terror Visions 3D and a Horror Arcade with gift shop. Directly next door to The Darkness is one of America’s top 10 best Escape Room facilities featuring multiple different escape rooms, retro blacklight mini-golf and a pinball arcade.

The Darkness has NOT opened for Transworld since March of 2019. Here is what you’ve missed during the past three years of renovations, as well as the latest updates for Halloween 2022.

Renovation Highlights by Year:

2020: The Darkness was totally renovated for a haunted house tour during Transworld but due to show cancellation no one experienced the tour. Renovations included: Ghost Scene – Skull Witch Scene – Queue Line Upgrade – Spider Cave Scene – Snake Pathway Scene – New 5 Minute Coffin Escape – Black Confusing Maze addition - Yeti Scene - New Escape Room Wonderful Wizard of Oz

2021: The Darkness was once again renovated with the idea we would offer a tour. However due to Transworld getting pushed back to May, and Larry Kirchner’s mother's battle with cancer no tour was offered. Larry Kirchner’s mother passed away in June 2021. Renovations included: Killer Pumpkin Scenes - Haunted Conservatory – Rat CGI Air Blaster FX – Serial Killer Scene – new Darkness logo blacklight carpet in Horror Arcade - New Escape Rooms: Dracula and Frankenstein - plus new Retro Mini Golf Attraction

The Darkness was again renovated for the 2022 Halloween season prior to Transworld in March. Renovations include: Wolf Forest – Minotaur Scene - Dragon’s Hell Castle Scene - Doll House - Massive Expansion of Horror Gift Shop (doubled size) - New Escape Room Jurassic Island and the entire Retro Arcade was updated with new artwork and holes.

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Prepare to go behind the SCREAMS/SCENES at The Darkness and St Louis Escape to learn their secrets!

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